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Welcome to my dollhouse pages.  I want to invite you all to take a look at my favorite hobby.   

On this site you will spend most of it viewing the McMillon's.  The McMillons are and old family that go back several generations.  


The McMillon’s have extensive property and own the only store in a one store town.  Enjoy!

What's New?

March 2012, Started a new dollhouse today.  The Farmhouse from Dura-craft.  This is the biggest one I have done to date.  Wish me luck!



December 2012, The Christmas house is finished!  See it here  Merry Christmas everyone!



July 2011, I can't believe I haven't made an update in two years! Well i have been busy. Almost finished with the Up North House, and i finished my new Halloween House, and can you believe it i have just about done with my Christmas House; 7 years in the making. All that is left is to furnish. Look for new pix. Have a great summer!


July 2009, it’s summer and Garage sale season!  Don't we all love garage sales?  Well I do when I find dollhouses at them.  I have a new page and that means that I have a new house.  I call it The Up North house.  Because I bought it up north and it will live up north.  I needs some work and I hoping to get a local exterior finishing company (that is very popular up north) to create some scale siding for this house.  Check it out. 


I am still working on the Christmas house and I am not far from being done.


June 2009 ....  Well I still did not get the Christmas house done.  I am beginning to feel that I will never finish this house!  Well I want this house to be perfect and in the end it will all be worth it.  I have some new projects planed.  Check for updates!


November 2008.... Well it's that time of year again.  Only 44 days until Christmas! I have finished The Arthur and sold it so I will be taking the page off of the site soon.  It is going to a wonderful home and to be enjoyed by an adorable little girl.


I am going to attempt to repair the Christmas house.  But I gotta tell ya it doesn't look good.  The roof is completely off and the second floor is only supported now by the electric tape wire. The left wall is now gone!  Those doggies sure did a number on it.  Oh well it will give me something to do.  I will try my hardest to have it finished before Christmas. 


I have updated the Christmas workshop site with new pictures, stop in and take a look.


July 2008.... Well as you can see I am taking my time getting the Arthur done.  It is a very simple house (Even with mission instructions, I do a lot of dry fitting!) Well I had some stuff come up and set this aside to work on a few other projects.


I will also be changing the Halloween house a bit I found some wonderfull old furniture that will look fabulous!  Check back closer to Halloween for some pics.


March  2008.....


Well I did not finish The Christmas house.  I did at least get it done enough for display.  The house was in an accident.  I had the house sitting on a table with a table cloth, the dogs were playing and one of them caught one of the paws into the lace cloth and I got there just in time to see the house fall to the ground.  This of course set me back allot in the construction.  I have decided to take a break from this and work on another house.  See the Arthur for progress.  This is a tricky house because the house is came with out instructions!   I think that I have done this enough times to be able to wing it.  Well we will see......




September 2007...

The Christmas house is almost finished.  Yeah!! (Doing the happy dance) I have been working on it on and off for two years.  Well there are so many pictures that I have decided that it needed it own site.  So from now on you can view it here


I have also made some changes to the Halloween house.  Take a look.



July 2007....


Well I have posted new pictures of the Christmas house.  I have all the windows, moldings, and doors on. I had to create a whole new wall for the first floor.  This is such an odd kit (The Heritage).  The layout is so strange.  If this were a real house  the occupants would have trouble finding spots for there stuff.  The kit came with a chimney, but, no fireplace or a wall to put it on so I had to make one.  I think it turned out ok.  See the wall on the Christmas page. My second time using the magic brick.  I either got a better hold on the second time or the first time the stuff was too old.  If you look around the base of the house you can see where the brick clumps together.  I did acquire  this at a garage sale.  Or rather my husband picked it up for me. Isn't he sweet!  I am not too worried because I plan on putting snow on the brick anyway. 


 I am currently putting on the second floor. I will post new pictures as soon as that is done.  I am going at a slower pace than I would like because it is summer and I spend allot of time up north.


I have taken down the Cape Code house & the Summer Collage. Both of these houses have sold.  If you look over to the right you can see the pictures. I just ran out of room.  


 March 2007  .....



Well I am making progress on my Christmas house.  I will post new pictures very soon.  I have spent most of the time sanding to get the windows to open and close.  I am happy to report that all of first floor windows open and close!!! Eureka! I also have to report that the summer cottage has been sold.  The McMillions are getting on in age and running out of space.  I am trying to limit my self to 6 houses.  I am also running out of space on this site, so I will be taking the Cape Cod and the summer cottage off to make room as I build the new houses. 




Feb 2007....


Well I did not get my Christmas house finished in time for Christmas.  I had the paint finished and the wall paper throughout but it looks like an Italian eatery.  Not the look I was going for.  So I am still trying.    I did get more work done on Santa's workshop.  Stop in and take the tour!  Santa always enjoys company.




Dad is back.  Frank McMillion has returned home from a long hospital stay.  He did lose his leg, however, he was given a false leg and is ready to rejoin the family.


My newest house is my Halloween house.  Make sure you take a look.  It has sound so if you don't want to hear the music; turn off your speakers before going to the page.  The same with the Christmas house. 


October 2006...


The newest generation of McMillions is two adorable children Kelly and Jack.  They lost both of their parents in a tragic accident.  Their father worked construction hurt his leg and has not yet recovered.  Although they hope to see them soon.  Their mother on the other hand was torn to pieces in a horrible accident defending her children. 


(What really happened was my youngest son was playing with them and his "guys" and the mother was torn apart beyond repair and the dad's leg was broken and I have not had a chance to fix him.)


 I am currently building a new Christmas house so I have taken my old one and turned it into a spooky Halloween house.


The McMillions mansion is also being rebuilt so they are all staying in the farmhouse until the construction is complete which will not be until after I finish the Christmas house hopefully before Christmas!




Next House

The Cape Cod

The Summer Cottage


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