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Nicole's Dollhouses
Halloween House

I hope you all had a great Halloween!  See you back here on Halloween 2012!
Double click below and here spooky music for your tour.

The Tour Begins Here. This was once a festive house of holiday cheer.  When the family that lived in this house decided to build a much larger and grander house they moved leaving the house to fall into neglect and disrepair.  The once beautiful brick house stood tall and proud. As you will see the result was only ruin.


I'd Turn Back If I Were You

You've been warned.

The Front Door.
The Kitchen:  This is where our Dark Witch earns her living.  Here she will whip up potions for a village maiden hoping to fall in love or a scorned maiden wishing revenge



She is also very talented with the Taro cards and Ouija board. 
Here she sits with Danforth, visiting for afternoon tea and a bit of graveyard gossip.



Now let’s venture upstairs.  We see Fenton our lazy bones taking a snooze lets let him be we dont want to get him rattled!


Oh No!! We have been spotted.   Quick let’s run to a safe place.  The Graveyard.


Meet Abner he has been busy at work digging up his friends.




Maybe the graveyard was not such a good idea.   Agatha has been out collecting pumplins.
Lets Get out of here.
I hope you enjoyed the tour come again I would love to hang out!

I hope you enjoyed the tour.

Our Witch has upgraded to a bigger and better house. See it here.

Please take a look at my other houses. 

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